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Conveyor Chains with Large Rollers
08BS-27-P16/C16 12BS 12BS-40-P28/C28 12BS-43-P26/C26 12BS-43-P28/C28 12BS-48-P24/C24
12BS-48-P26/C26 12BS-48-P28/C28 12BS-58-P28/C28 16BS-65-P38/C38 100SF1-85-C45 212BS-43-P48

Large rollers can make the job a lot easier for a conveyor chain. There are 2 types of large rollers, the R-roller and the S-roller. The S-roller is best suited for shorter conveyors, while the R-roller is ideal for long conveyors. There are also special attachments that can help you achieve the maximum performance from your conveyor chain.

A double-pitch roller chain is the most common type of conveyor chain. This type is designed to meet the specifications of ANSI B29.1. Double-pitch roller chains are highly versatile and can be retrofitted into most applications. This style also offers a high strength-to-weight ratio for long-term use. It is also available in a wide range of attachments. The Double-Pitch roller chain comes in a standard size and an oversized-roller chain.

These chains are designed for heavy-duty applications. They are a great choice for production facilities that need to move large quantities of goods quickly. They are rugged, impact-resistant, and can handle totes, bins, racks, and crates. They are especially effective in food production, citrus processing, and other industries that require high-speed movement of goods.

Dimensions of Conveyor Chains with Large Rollers

Chain No. Pitch Roller diameter Width between inner plates Pin diameter Pin length Plate dimension Ultimate tensile strength Average tensile strength
P d1 max d8 max b1
h2 max t/T
mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm kN/lbf kN
08BS-27-P16/C16 12.70 8.51 16.0 7.75 4.45 27.0 11.8 1.60/1.50 18.0/4091 19.8
12BS 19.05 12.07 28.0 11.68 5.72 45.0 16.0 1.85 28.9/6568 31.7
12BS-40-P28/C28 19.05 12.07 28.0 11.68 5.72 40.0 16.0 1.85 29.0/6591 31.7
12BS-43-P26/C26 19.05 12.07 26.0 11.68 5.72 43.0 16.0 1.85 29.0/6591 31.7
12BS-43-P28/C28 19.05 12.07 28.0 11.68 5.72 43.0 16.0 1.85 29.0/6591 31.7
12BS-48-P24/C24 19.05 12.07 24.0 11.68 5.72 48.0 16.0 1.85 29.0/6591 31.7
12BS-48-P26/C26 19.05 12.07 26.0 11.68 5.72 48.0 16.0 1.85 29.0/6591 31.7
12BS-48-P28/C28 19.05 12.07 28.0 11.68 5.72 48.0 16.0 1.85 29.0/6591 31.7
12BS-58-P28/C28 19.05 12.70 28.0 11.68 5.72 58.0 16.0 1.85 29.0/6591 31.7
16BS-65-P38/C38 25.40 15.88 38.0 17.02 8.28 65.0 21.0 4.15/3.10 60.0/13636 72.8
100SF1-85-C45 31.75 19.05 45.0 25.50 9.53 85.0 30.0 4.00 86.7/19490 104.0
212BS-43-P48 38.10 12.07 48.0 11.68 5.72 43.0 16.0 1.85 28.9/6568 31.7

Note: P means roller made in plastic, C means roller made in steel.

Sprockets for Conveyor Chains with Large Rollers

Sprockets for conveyor chains with large rollers have a variety of performance characteristics. Some of these characteristics are dependent upon the type and style of chain. Some sprockets are double-pitch, while others engage the chain only on alternate pins. The latter are specialty designs that can be custom-fabricated. Several other criteria determine sprocket choice, including type, diameter, and tooth pitch.

Sprockets for conveyor chains with large rollers are paired with the appropriate roller chains based on size and type. The size and type of chain are critical for the function of the conveyor. Depending on the application, there may be a specific chain length that is required. The chain length elongates with time due to the friction caused by the chain circling the sprocket. The elongated length of the chain causes the pin and bushing to wear out, increasing the distance between rollers.

Ensure the sprockets are properly lubricated. This prevents excessive wear and tear. If not, consider replacing them. Regular manual lubrication is essential. Regular replacement of worn parts can also prevent excessive wear. In addition, check for excessive slack in the chain. This may result in excessive chain movement.

Conveyor chain sprockets have different designs. Some sprockets have a hunting tooth arrangement, which distributes wear over 2 sets of teeth. Another way to identify a sprocket is by its chain size or pitch. Pitch is the distance between pins on a chain, and is usually measured in inches or millimeters.

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